We are still supporting individuals and operating as normal during these challenging times.

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Supported Living provides important pathways and steps towards independence. We value and respect the need for independence and support this process. Our team of experienced professionals provide provision for adults with; learning disabilities, Autistic Spectrum conditions, mental health problems, drug or alcohol dependency, ADHD, PTSD, Personality Disorders and unaccompanied asylum seekers.

Our work with the service users includes unregulated activities

Assessing strengths and weaknesses of the individuals through observations, discussions, communicating with care workers, family and friends.

Using professional practices to help the individual reflect on and set goals, which are implemented into the support plan.

In depth work with the individual, continuous monitoring and adjusting support plans as time progresses and individual needs change

Person centered approaches used. Encouraging progression to independence and integration into local communities. Supporting individuals in self-growth and providing access to training and development opportunities to further strengthen this.

Using evidence based professional practices to make real change and impact to our clients.

We only provide unregulated activities.


Male and Female

Multiple Locations

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